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Monastic Art Essay

Monastic artifice is subdivided in two genres the un human beingly ascetic contrivance form and the aesthetic craft form (Sekules 77). The portrayal of saints in the monasteries is a common theme and narrows it down to the whole religious visionaries and deities which produced those visions. The entire monastic sphere was dedicated to placing adeptself in a position to receive inspirational confabulation from God hence it is not surprising that monasteries and convents heavily sought-after(a) for visual representation of their favorite saints or God.In knightly times, monastic art was commonly etched on ceilings, walls, and frescoes to draw the viewer into a realm of holiness to enrich the aesthetical and religious experience. As said(prenominal) monastic life could either be ascetic which falls in line with the austere lives of the monks or it could be highly beautified which displayed all the wealthiness and glamor of the Medieval Catholic Church. Most monastic art ar derived from the Byzantine model were paintings were very embellished, attractive, symbolic, and magnificent in size.At the Abbey of Santa mare la Real de Las Huelgas, Spain, there are the Berenguela knitted cushion covers and skilfully decorated gloves, overlaid with gold and scarlet (1275). This highly decorated covers are in memoriam of Prince Fernando de la Cerda (Shadis 168). Benedictine Monasteries The Rule of St. Benedict required them to withdraw from the world into a communal life organized around prayer so that their spiritual inclinations were not directed to other areas of conformity (Sekules 61). Because of this policy art throw conforms to the standards of the monastery.Jesus Christ, Catholic saints, monasteries, the gross(a) Mary, holy mother and churl paintings are all regular images of the knightly monastery. Benedictine monasteries boasted a massive array of art such as An Illumination of Stephen Harding (1225) at the Abbey at Citeaux. In this classic, monas tic painting there are two models of monasteries, transfer by two Benedictine monks, one of which is the Englishman Stephen Harding himself, which are delivered up to the virgin Mary to sanction or reject. Benedictine cloisters featured inscriptions in windows, stonework, paintings, and manuscripts (Luxford 11).This character reference of veneration is called Cisternian illumination where there is a mystic connection and communication with the divine. Golden auras and golden thrones with elaborate architectured monasteries characterize this work. Another famous Benedictine art form is Benedict of Nursia (1435) displayed at the Abbey at Florence, Italy. This painting do by Frey Angelico exhibits the simple face of St. Benedict with a holy ring encircling his head, in a grave, solemn, pensive mood, similar to what one would extend in a monastic setting.Women in Power-Medieval Feminism The Empowered muliebrity Before Mary Wollenstonecraft even crafted the Declaration of Women (17 91), the embryonic signs of an emerging feminist movement were already visible. Due to religious, social, and furorural dogmas and restraints, women were confined to the private sphere, inefficient to take part in the activities and pursuits of men. Nevertheless, a few women keep back propelled themselves and unwittingly their female counterparts to a whole new dimension in the snapper Ages.The char is a recurrent depiction in Medieval device and electric architecture, not to mention in an age where in the Marian cult (and even in the Greco-Latin mythology) was venerated as goddess, saint, and intercessor. Personification of places, whether cities or countries especially as regal or armed women, are one of the oldest forms of power symbolization(Sekules 13). Several countries have depicted women at state of war as their study icons for example Roma, Germania, Brittanica, Sclavenia, Columbia, Athena, Italia Turrita, Hispania, Polonia, Europa etc. The women are either port rayed as martial, royal, or both.Medieval art demonstrated the empowerment of women, where women sometimes moved let on of the home shoes and actively engaged in business, art, warfare, and politics. Joan of Arc angiotensin-converting enzyme of the women who stands out is Joan of Arc. Historically, Joan of Arc is lauded as a liberator of France who bravely warred against England to set eject her countrymen who labored under the British yoke. Quite apart from her saintly character, Joans credibility as a military leader may have gained greater currency thanks to the classical tradition that personified the authority of war in female form (Sekules 165).Art enables social criticism. Martin Le Franc sides with Joan of Arc unique personality both as a feminist and as a woman. Through his gallant portrayal of Joan of Arc both as a heroine, military hero, and spiritual icon, he embraces her as a brazen woman. Martin Le Franc in Le Champion des Dames, a work directly inspired by the q uarrel about Le roman print de la Rose, takes Joans part against her detractors. Their arguments focus on her belligerence, her transvestism, and her condemnation by the Church (Warner 220).In the late-Medieval painting Le Champion des Dames (1450), one observes Joan of Arc jibeing two white flags and flanked by them in a biblical setting. Although critics say that this portrayal is anachronistic, it voices volumes in asserting the sanctity of a patriot and prophetess who received visions and supernatural messages. Christine was an admirer of Joan (of Arcs) achievements and a guardian when she needed it (Sekules 165). Joan of Arc, a powerful woman, inspired another medieval woman in power, Christine de Pisan, who highly esteemed Joan as a valiant, holy, and still fair(prenominal) woman.Christine De Pisan Another medieval woman which broke from the social norms and launched out into the space of art, literature, and religion is Christine de Pisan (1365-1434). One could argue that because of her aristocratic status she enjoyed many more(prenominal) liberties than the average woman of the Middle Ages however open prejudice and woman hater ideologies against the woman existed and was encouraged against both the lower and upper classed woman. Christine de Pisan was literate, cultivated her artistic talent, and was mistress of her household (Christine de Pisan).Although today these characteristics seem ordinary, back in the medieval times, it was a rarity for a woman, even an aristocratic one to be qualified with all these talents. Christine de Pizan was born in Italy exclusively married to a Frenchman. De Pisan was a prolific author as she produced several essays, poems, have gots, ballads, and epistles. The art charm of Christine de Pisan Writing is not as common as it seems for women were frequently relegated non-scholastic tasks for the familiar public deemed them inferior. In the depiction of De Pisan writing, the setting is clearly at an abbey or mona stery.De Pizan was similarly the breadwinner of her family following her husbands passing therefore she emerged as one of the few women who made a livelihood from writing. Numerous medieval portraits of Christine de Pisan exist where she is either consulting with people in power such as Joan of Arc (Christine de Pisan Livres des Faits des Armes et de Chevalerie, 1409), diligently writing at an abbey (Christine de Pisan Writing), or educating her others (Christine de Pisan Instructing Her Son and Christine de Pisan Lecturing a Group of Men). Convents or nunneries in the medieval period.It can be argued that nunneries and convents offered women an element of freedom (Medieval Convent or Nunnery). At the convents, the nuns had to the highest degree commodities at their disposal and were not bound to family responsibilities, for here they concentrated on God and pursued holiness in the secluded religious life. Nuns were also enfranchised to vote in an abbess or mother superior, who in turn would govern the affairs of the female community. Since medieval times, the nunnery also was fitted with hospitals, gardens, chapels, dormitories, libraries, and a school.As a result, nuns had the unique opportunity to be holistically educated and independent. This eccentric branch of female liberation fosters artistic exploration. Art work often has appeared at convents where nuns have drawn or invented masterpieces such as warrant to Nun Paintings Medieval paintings also tended to focus on holy women whether they be goddesses or cloistered nuns and mothers. One major medieval masterpiece shows Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), a nun of St. Benedict of wrote books, plays, sermons, and poetry practiced medicine, and functioned as advisor to monarchs and popes.Hildegard is hence a medieval and modern-day feminist who was not afraid to hold and wield power even among men folk. A celebrated interpreter of her is represented in Illumination from the Liber Scivias, 1151 where she receives a vision and transcribes it as a deity reveals it to her. This dynamic woman dictates the divine messages in a book called The Scivias. This portrait conveys the reality of the enlightened woman in all spheres. She as well can be an instrument not only for familial purposes but in multifaceted way, contributing to society, religion, and culture.References Christine de Pizan <http//www. kirjasto. sci. fi/pizan. htm>. Retrieved 06 May 2010 Les Enluminures Presents Women in Medieval Art <http//www. lesenluminures. com/womencatalogue. pdf>. Retrieved 06 May 2010 Luxford, Julian M. The Art and Architecture of English Benedictine Monasteries 1300-1540 A Patronage History. Boyell Press, United Kingdom, 2008. Medieval Convent or Nunnery <http//www. middle-ages. org. uk/medieval-convent. nunnery. htm>. Retrieved 06 May

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Cyberbullying Essay

Many teens crosswise the world atomic number 18 facing issues with cyber blustery. Not only ar the teens cosmos affected but their families in alike(p) manner. People wonder what to do with this situation. With technology increasing, its making kids easier to bully one an other(a) online and through more varied physical bodys of technology. As cyber strong-arm has become the number one type of determent, more persists are existence affected. Cyber bullying is the utilization of the internet, cell phones, or other electronic communication devices to spread harmful or embarrassing reading nigh some other(prenominal) person (cyberbullying 1). It hind end also take many forms including, repeatedly s lay offing emails to concourse who sacrifice said they dont want contact with the sender. It includes sending threats, making inner remarks, using ugly language or labels, or posting humiliating photos or videos, as well as spreading rumors or lies nigh the victim (cy berbullying 1). legion(predicate) levels of cyber bullying bring in states questioning whether they should take action or not. In todays society it is extremely smooth to ab subr issueine the use of technology. Many teens and young adults express anger and other emotions toward one another through some type of media. As the number of cases rise, schooldayss and states are spill more and more laws to foster the children and citizens of their community. Some people are argue that we dont subscribe to cyber bullying laws, that we already have laws against bullying and that should be enough. Laws may be imperfect and enforcement may be exhausting and spotty, but thats part than nothing. Id rather have anti-bullying laws that protect kids 90% of the time and have difficulties 10% of the time, than have no laws to stop cyber bullying and leave kids vulnerable 100% of the time (Leichtling, 2013, pg. 2). unmatched reason that people dont think its necessary to fabricate a lawfo r cyber bullyingis because speech is constitutionally protected (Murphy 1). We, as citizens of the United States of America, have the right to independence of speech.But with the right to freedom of speech comes a price. A price we all have to live with, and thats the price of someones life. No matter what, there exit always be that one person who has to be better than someone else. at that place comes a point in life where we have to pick up that sometimes the laws deal to be broken. In this case, its for the better. No ones life is worth the protection of speech. If we keep on letting cyber bullying go because of the persons rights then we need a major wake up call. No matter what we do we wont be able to stop it, but if we standstill up and take action then we can lessen the amount of money of cyber bullying that happens. Only 18 states have a cyber-bullying law that protects kids from electronic abuse, while 47 states have laws against physical bullying (State Cyberbu llying Laws). As schools realize the effect of cyber bullying, they have stepped up and are ready to sputter. Schools are mountain pass laws in and out of school. The schools are stepping in and monitoring the students social accounts. If a student bullies someone during school break (like spring break, summer break, etc.) the school can intervene and suspend or even expel the student. In a survey interpreted in 2005 16.2% have been authorshiped that theyve been a victim outside of school (Uhls 2). Another way to protect students from bullying is Title IX. Many people dont think too much about Title IX because they think its retributive to equalize the students.Title IX is to athletic supporter prevent gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence (Murphy 2). Schools rarely ac sleep withledge sexual harassment when they jut it, and even when they do, they avoid acquiring involved when some of the conduct occurs off-campus. They severalise parents they only hav e jurisdiction over harassment that occurs on campus or in connection with a school-sponsored activity. (Murphy 2). Not anymore though, many schools are stepping up and taking action even when school isnt in session. Schools need to take Title IX more seriously and use it to help the families that are facing issues with cyber bullying. Title IX can do many things to help prevent students from being bullied or sexual harass by other students. Most families dont know about it, so they dont think to bring it up in court. If schools and courts advertised Title IX more often than the number of suicides collectable to cyber bullyingwould drop dramatically. People need to know that there is a way to get help and that they are not alone. In a recent study of 2,000 random middle-schoolers, 20% of them were seriously thinking about attempting suicide, while 19% reported attempting suicide. That means 39% of the 2,000 kids wanted to end their life (Hinduja 1, 2). The most commonly-reported fo rm of cyber bullying was posted something online about another person to make others laugh while the most frequent form of victimization was received an upsetting email form someone you know (Hinduja 2). Cyber bullying takes a toll on everyones life. For some teens it can make them depressed and hate themselves. For others it can cause them to turn to drugs or alcohol. Teens are easily influenced by media and what their peers say.So when cyber bullying occurs, its easy for the teen to believe it and think negative things. We need to stand up and take action. Have more campaigns about positive things and not so many negative things. Teens need to feel safe at school, but sadly thats one of the last places teens feel safe. Teens that are cyber bullied usually have no where to turn to. The small but significant wavering found in suicidal thoughts and actions based on bullying and cyber bullying suggests that all forms of adolescent peer aggression must be taken seriouslyboth at s chool and at home (Hinduja 2) There are many different ways we can help protect students from being bullied. Schools have hotlines that students can call anonymously if they want to report bullying. A major reason why kids dont report cyber bullying is because they are scared of getting bullied themselves.Schools need to pass stricter laws and parents need to start monitoring their childrens social activity, even if they are the ones being bullied. In cases of cyber bullying you can never be to protective. So many kids have died because they have felt useless and worthless due to cyber bullying. How would you like it if you were being told daily that you meant nothing to world, and that it would be better off with out you. Eventually it would get to your head and effect you. Even some of the strongest people are bullied and it kills themin and out. Girls however though, are more likely to be bullied than boys, just like girls are more likely to bully than guys are (Cyberbullying 1). If given the chance, people result be mean, nasty and vicious to others, in particular if they can act anonymously or the target cant fight back effectively (Leichtling 2). No matter there will always be mean people in this world. Nothing will change that, its just part of life. But it doesnt guarantee for all the lives that it has cost. Things need to change. Schools and states need to pass stricter and more serious laws that help protect kids and young adults from cyber bullying. As technology increases, bullying becomes easier and kids are getting away with it. Its time to take a stand and fight for the kids who couldnt fight back.

Meta-Investigation on The Michael Brown Case Essay

delay A. A. Terms problem- The teams are not communicating primarily caused by the J. Edgar clean Model, page 37, Detective Terms. This model does not require identifying the investigative create blocks or districts of investigations and assumes that every mavin on the team will know them. It can be argued that this is the main cause of most problems in building cases. Further say for this lack of communication was the failure to manage the body(Physical Evidence5) in a timely manner(Block A-Rules of Investigations) No one in the investigation has really cognise who has jurisdiction over this case. It went from city to county and then state and no one authenticly preceded to be the 1st in line of action to mistreat up and say, Hey, we work it. One of the influencers in this case was Al Sharpton, fundamentally bringing in the Feds and making it a civil case of racism. The tribe of Ferguson is 67% black, which has served as a big influence on this case. drive Label Block 1The re are no actual charges yet for this case, because they are still investigating this case in Ferguson, Missouri. The officeholder had reasonable doubt to ask Michael Brown to get off the pathway and to get onto the sidewalk. He had the law on his side if he would have frisked the two young guys and possibly arrest one or twain of them. The media and Al Sharpton and other Elites are trying to make this out to be a civil case. It almost seems as if Michael basically committed Copicide. The rule of discretion was followed, it seems. The officer followed through at his own discretion quite of calling for backup.Verbal Evidence Block 2Michael Brown had no most-serious felony convictions or pending cases. Dorian Johnson, witness to Michael Brown getting shot, has been impeach of lying in the past upon several occasions. This makes him to be a grown witness for this case, good for the officers case though.

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Organizational Theory & Research Essay

Organization is a concept used in a variety of ways such as (1) a system or pattern of any set of relationships in any kind of job (2) an green light itself (3) cooperation of 2 or more persons (4) each(prenominal) behavior of all participants in a group and (5) the intentional structure of roles in a formally organized enterprise (Koontz, et. al. , 1980, p. G-11). Organization development is a systematic, integrated, and mean approach to improve the effectiveness of people and groups in a enterprise through the use of techniques for problem discovery and various intervention techniques for lick these problems (Koontz, et. l. , 1980, p. G-11). iodine of the key aspects of managing is organizing and it is a skill required of any jitney if he or she is to be effective and successful in attaining organisational objectives and effecting change (see Koontz, et. al, 1980, p. 330). Management literature has acknowledged that people tend to gather with one another in the face of a cr isis because man has in condition(p) that it is better to cooperate than to compete with one another.In cooperative activities, goals or objectives argon actiond much easier than when individual persons act separately in attempting to achieve a group goal or objective. Organizing overwhelms identifying the right people to involve in the design, development, and implementation of the process of problem identification and problem solving. One requirement of effective organizing is knowledge of the fundamental nature of group dynamics. When two or more people are formed to work on a particular task, they usually undergo certain stages of group development. These are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning.During the forming stage, group members tend to be cautious and almost become aware of each word that each says to others in the storming stage, members become impatient of formality and tend to express themselves and demonstrate antagonism and sarcasm in the normi ng stage, members interpret to tolerate frustrations and become more acceptable of other members of the group in the performing stage, team members has put aside their differences and concentrate on the objectives of the group, thereby performing to the fullest and achieving their preset goals and objectives in the adjourning stage, group members have achieved their objectives and disbands themselves and return to their fundament organizations or department.

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Eudora Welty’s A Worn Path: Phoenix’s Trip to the Local Town

The of a sudden story The Worn Path write by Eudora Welty is about an old dark womans trigger off into to the topical anesthetic townspeople. The womans name is genus phoenix and she is going to town to observe medicine for her sick grandson. However, as she travels on the itinerary Phoenix encounters several obstacles that show that on with her old season and deteriorating bole her chief is slipping outside(a) from her as well. Phoenix is an elderly black woman who is charged with the task of taking the long activate through the woods and in to town.She is the solely c be claimr for her grandson and even though her senses and her body are starting to fail her she is unperturbed willing to take the risk. In the startle take leave of the story Phoenix gets caught up in a thorn scouring and it is non clear at first why she allowed herself to get as blind drunk to the bush as she did, but you are at long last brought to realize that her eyes are the betrayer. I in the thorny bush, she tell. Thorns you doing your appointed work. never want to let folks pass, no sir. Old eyes thought you was a pretty little green bush (1).This is just one of many examples of how her body along with her senses is tardily drifting away from her. While Phoenix is go along on her journey in to the town she stops to take a wound on the bank. Even though she does non chose to take a nap she still fewhow manages to drift off into what some may consider and dream, or a garble sense of reality. She did not boldness to close her eyes, and when a little boy brought her a plate with a cutting of marble-cake on it she spoke to him. That would be acceptable, she said. nevertheless when she went to take it there was just her own knock over in the air (2). It seems that the stresses of the journey along with the deteoration of her body due to old age are taking a ships bell on Phoenix. As Phoenix is walking through a field she spy a figure in the quad that ap pears to be dancing in the wind. The first thought that comes to her mind is that it is either a man or a abut but she soon realizes that it is neither of those things. It appears that her warped sense of reality leads her to consider unrealistic things over rationality and disregard reason. Ghost, she said sharply. Who be you the ghost of? For I bring on heard of nary death close by (2). Phoenix mind along with her eyes are constantly play tricks on her and I think she is slowly realizing that she can no longer blaspheme herself. After a long and contest misstep through the woods, Phoenix in conclusion adjudges it into town to get medicine for her grandson. But upon arriving at the doctors index she completely forgets why she came. Through the trip Phoenix has been struggling to make it some(prenominal) mentally and physically.It appears that her age has finally caught up to her, however her dedication to her grandson still manages to sweep over the unfortunate conseque nces of old age. My grandson, it was my memory had left field me. There I sat and forgot why I made my long trip (5). Even though, Phoenix is old and her wellness is fading just as libertine as her mind. Her dedication to her grandson in the fire is the one thing that is able to get her through and keep her in touch with reality. She is a woman who may not always be the most physically and mentally capable still manages to baffle the tenacity and grit needed to make it through her hard life.

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Mr Pake

5. Assessment compose VERSION AWAITING EXTERNAL EXAMINER adulation Assessment will be corroborate by the end of t each(prenominal)ing hebdomad 3 5. 1 Assessment confinement This module is assessed by means of an appointment of no more than 3,000 words. There be three parts to the assignment. You moldiness(prenominal) jazz all three parts. Your assignment must be submitted in a sans serif font no smaller than 12 points. Line spacing should be 1. 5 or double. Your completed assignment must be completed and submitted by Friday twenty-sixth April, 2013. See Section 5. 2 for detail of submission. Section 5. gives some further steering on the assignment tasks. Written assignments must non exceed the specified utmost number of words. All assignments that do so will be penalised. The penalty is at the discretion of the marker, notwithstanding will sure enough result in a decline of the mark awarded. Part 1 (20% of boilers suit mark) In 500 words or fewer, answer a doubt of your plectrum which requires you to occasion a microeconomic principle, or principles, discussed in the module. This question should involve a pattern of events or behaviour that you in person have observed.The issue you target exigency not be one traditionally analysed using economics, unless your work should be an original application of economic system of logic and reasoning to something which interests you. Examples of issues students elsewhere have intercommunicate be 1. Why do brides pass so much money on wedding dresses, whereas grooms often rent specious tuxedos, even though grooms could potentially outwear their tuxedos on galore(postnominal) other make and brides will never wear their dresses once again? 2. Why are child base hit seats required in cars but not in airplanes? 3.Why are round-trip fares from hullo to the US mainland higher than the corresponding fares from the US mainland to Hawaii? 4. Why do airlines commission much more for tickets purchase d at the pop off minute, yet theatres follow exactly the enemy practice? 5. Why do many people buy pear-shapedr houses when they pull back and their own children leave home? Your question and the issue you address does not regard to be important or worthy, but try to begin with an interesting question. You should retick with your seminar tutor that the question you wish to address is suitable.The most successful answers begin with a really interesting question (one that makes the commentator instantly curious to learn the answer) and accordingly use an economic principle or principles to construct a plausible answer. You do not have to provide a complete solution to the question the profound is to apply economic principles to achieve an shrewdness into the issue. It should be written as if to a friend or relative who has never taken a course in economics. It must be clearly soundless by such a person. It does not destiny diagrams or mathematics. It should not be heavily laden with economic slang term or terminology.You do not need to include references (since it is an original application of principles). Nor are you expected to do extensive research in support of your argument, although a pertinent fact or two dexterity help convince yourself and others that you are on the right track. Part 2 (40% of overall mark) Answer all five questions under in 1250 words or fewer. The questions take equal marks. a) Explain wherefore absolutely competitive markets lead to an allocatively efficient assignation of resources in the long run. (8%) b) Explain why free markets will under-produce goods with positive externalities (e. g. accinations against pathogenic diseases). Briefly suggest how government susceptibility intervene to correct this under-provision? (8%) c) The Consumer Price advocator ( consumer price index) is the official vizor of inflation in the United Kingdom. Why expertness CPI not be an accurate measure of the costs of living for any accustomed individual consumer? (8%) d) Explain why a ? 1m increase in net exports might increase the equilibrium output of an saving by more than ? 1m. e) If an economy is initially operating at its potential output, explicate the short- and longrun consequences of a permanent increase in government spending. 8%) Part 3 (40% of overall mark) Figure 1 under shows the world price of copper for each month over the diaphragm 2004-2011. From a price of $2424 in January 2004 it rose to a high of $8046 in May 2008. It wherefore fell rapidly to reach $3072 in December 2008 before rising again. In an essay of 1250 words or fewer, use economic analysis to explain the changes seen in the price of copper over this period and why there were such large fluctuations in price. Figure 1 The periodical world price of copper 01 January 2004 to 31 December 2011

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Enzyme Catalysis Essay

Enzymes ar proteins that chip as catalysts to regulate metabolism by selectively speeding up chemical substance answers in the cell without being consumed during the appendage. During the catalytic action, the enzyme perplexs to the subst value the reactant enzyme acts on and engineers an enzyme-subst point complex to qualify the substrate into the product. Each type of enzyme combines with its item substrate, which is recognized by the shape.In the enzymatic answer, the sign rate of action is unceasing regardless(pre noun phrase) of tightfistedness because the number of substrate molecules is so large compargond to the number of enzyme molecules starting(a) on them. When graphed, the constant rate would be shown as a pull in, and the vend of this analog portion is the rate of reaction. As measure passes, the rate of reaction slowly levels with less concentration of the substrate. This point where the rate starts to level is c completelyed the Kmax, in which th e peak efficiency of enzymes is r individuallyed.In order to start the reaction, reactants require an initial supply of aptitude called activation dynamism. The enzymes work by reducing the hail of shift energy that must be preoccupied so that less required energy leads to smart rate of reaction. The rate of catalytic reactions is affected by the changes in temperature, pH, enzyme concentration, and substrate concentration. Each enzyme has an outdo temperature at which it is closely sprightly the rate of reaction enlarges with increase temperature up to the optimal level, but drops sharp above that temperature.Most enzymes assume their optimal pH value that range from 6 to 8 with exceptions, and they may denature in unfavorable pH levels. An increase in enzyme concentration go out increase the reaction rate when all the active sites are full, and an increase in substrate concentration will increase the rate when the active sites are not completely full. The enzyme use in this research lab is catalase, a crude catalyst found in virtually all living organisms. Catalse is a tetramer of 4 polypeptide chains, severally consisting of more than 500 amino group acids. Its optimum pH is approximately 7, and optimum temperature is about 37 C.The primary catalytic reaction of catalase decomposes hydrogen bleach to form water and oxygen as shown by the equation 2 water system2 > 2 H2O + O2 . Within cells, the carry of catalase is to prevent ravish by the toxic levels of hydrogen hydrogen peroxide by quickly converting them to less austere substances. In this lab, we will show how catalase from 2 divergent sources (pure and spud extract) affects the rate of reaction by victimization titration to measure and shrewd the decay rate of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to water and oxygen gas with enzyme catalysis. firearm II Material and MethodsIn vox 2A, I tested for catalase activity by using the seriological pipette to transfer 10mL of H2O2 into a b eaker. The serological pipette was utilized in all transfer of substances in this lab because of its high quality and accuracy in standard, especially with delicate control of hatful and graduations that ext set aside all the way to the top. Then, I employ another serological pipette to add 1mL of catalase in the beaker. aft(prenominal) observation, I croupevas and save the results. The above single-valued function was tell with the boil catalase solution using another beaker and serological pipette.I analyzed and recorded the results after(prenominal) examination. In take up 2B, I established the service railway to con the issue forth of H2O2 present in the nominal solution without adding the enzyme. I use serological pipettes (for the said(prenominal) close mentioned above) to transfer 10mL of H2O2 in a beaker earlierly labeled as service line and 1mL of distilled H2O into the same beaker after that. Next, I added 10mL of 1. 0M H2SO4 into the beaker and mixed the solution by light swirling the beaker. The sulfuric acid was used to lower the pH and thereby lemniscus the catalytic activity.Using the serological pipette, I removed 5mL of the miscellany into a divergent beaker to handicap for the H2O2 measuring through titration. This was through particularly through the titration technique because it can determine the concentration of a reactant in this case, stay measurement of H2O2 with volume measurements. After recording the initial burette learning, I placed the study beaker underneath a burette containing KMnO4 and bit by bit added the titrant with controlled drops art object gently swirling the beaker until the color of the miscellany turned for good pink or brown.Then, I recorded the final exam burette reading. The potassium permanganate was specifically used because its excess occur will cause the solution to change color, and the step used to change the color is comparative to come in of remaining H2O2. In pop ou t 2D, I metric the rate of H2O2 decomposition with enzyme catalysis in 5 different prison term intervals of 10, 30, 60, 120, and 180 games. After labeling 5 beakers with each season interval, I transferred 10mL of H2O2 to each beaker with the serological pipette (for the same reason mentioned in take up 2A).For the 10 second clip interval, I added 1mL of catalase extract and swirled the beaker for 10 seconds. Next, I added 10mL of H2SO4 to stop the reaction. I repeated the above procedure 4 more ms, varying the 10 second time interval to 30, 60, 120, 180 seconds. Then, using the serological pipette, I removed 5mL sample from each of the 5 beakers and found the essence of remaining H2O2 by titration with KMnO4. The reason and procedure for titration was undistinguishable to those in Part 2B. Part IV DiscussionIn Part 2A, the enzyme activities of catalase and poached catalase were observed. According to the selective information, the bubbles began to form in the concoction when the catalase was poured into H2O2. The bubbles are the O2 that results from the breakdown of H2O2 as the catalase takes effect. In the case of boiled catalase, there were no bubbles, which points to the absence of oxygen. This absence shows that unlike previous catalase, boiled catalase had no effect on the rate of reaction. The information supports the cathode-ray oscilloscope study provided in the Introduction.The boiling of the catalase will fudge its temperature above its optimal level, and that explains the significantly rock-bottom reaction in the boiled catalase mixture compared to the catalase mixture. In Part 2B, the data represents the beat of H2O2 used in the reaction without enzyme catalysis, consequently establishing the baseline. The stash away data of initial reading and final reading was used to count on the baseline of 4. 7mL KMnO4, which is relative to the amount of H2O2. The 4 groups combined data as a class and took the keep up of the 4 baselines by liminating the highest and lowest number and taking the average of remaining 2 numbers. The established baseline was 4. 4mL. In the Charts A1 through B2 of Part 2D, the collected data of initial reading and final reading was used to calculate the amount of KMnO4 by subtracting the initial from the final. Since the amount of KMnO4 is proportional to the amount of H2O2 remaining, it was used to calculate the amount of H2O2 used in the reaction by subtracting it from the baseline.The computed data and the time intervals were graphed into 2 constellate plots separated by the type of catalase (pure and potato extract) with the lines of lift out fit drawn. The trend that should overhear shown in all 4 graphs was a steady increase from zero in the beginning and a gradual level off into a horizontal line towards the end. However, the actual results did not exactly come out as evaluate. In interpret A1, the data of grouping 1 did steady increase in the beginning, but the amount in 120 seconds was off and the data of company 3 started with a oppose amount, which went up and down throughout the time intervals.In Graph B1, the data of Group 2 started with a steady increase and slightly declined towards the end although the graph started at a negative number. In the same graph, the data of Group 4 also started negative and declined further, but it increased rapidly in the time intervals of 30-120 seconds and slightly declined at the end. Out of all the groups, the data of Group 2 was the about closest to the expected and the data of Group 4 was the most skewed. Overall, most groups had a line of top hat fit that began with a steady line that gradually smoothed out into a twist around after, which matched the expected graph.Generally, the rate was the highest in the beginning from 0 to 120 seconds because that was when the H2O2 and catalase were beginning(a) combined and the substrate molecules outnumber the enzyme, allowing the enzyme to bump around with substrates more frequently. The rate was lowest towards the end after 120 seconds because that is a while after the hydrogen peroxide began to be decomposed and there is less of the substrate to bind with the enzyme, which means slower rate of reaction. This corresponds to the twain graphs line of best fit, which relatively supports the background information.The rate of enzyme activity on the reaction would decrease with take down temperature since the lowered average kinetic energy of the molecules decrease the chances of the enzyme colliding and binding with the substrate. Also, the enzyme may be denatured with low enough temperature. The function of catalase is inhibited by sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid removes the enzymes function as a catalyst by transfiguring the protein conformation, which is faultfinding to the binding of the enzyme to its substrate because the specificity is entirely underage on the structure.Part V fault Analysis The data from Part 2D did not com pletely support the background information, which could be explained by flaws that was made in the lab. One major(ip) error in the data was the negative amount of H2O2 used in the 10 second time interval with exception of Group 1. This may be the result of a homosexual error made in the process of titration. A student may have had trouble controlling the amount of KMnO4 with the burette, ineffectual to record the exact amount at which the color of the mixture changed and adding too often KMnO4.This would have resulted in larger amount of KMnO4 used, then, leading to a smaller amount of H2O2 used in the solution, which could result in a negative number. Another major error was the up and down variation in the graph drawn from the data of Group 3 and Group 4. This could be due to any measurement error made during the lab, such as the measurement for the sample used in the assay. The directions called for 5mL of the mixture to be titrated however, students may have measured wrong or mistaken the amount to more or less than 5mL.The assay of more than 5mL would result in a smaller amount of H2O2 used and the assay of less than 5mL would result in a larger amount of H2O2 used, which would account for the wrong fluctuation of the graphs. Part VI Conclusions In this lab, I conclude the following Part 2A ?Catalase reacts with H2O2 and produced H2O and O2 while boiled catalase does not engage with the substrate. This is shown by the formation of bubbles in the catalase mixture and the absence of bubbles, which indicates absence of oxygen, in the boiled catalase mixture. The function of catalase is affected by temperature because the boiling of the catalase denatured its catalytic ability, thus leading to absence of bubbles in the boiled catalase mixture. Part 2B ?The amount of H2O2 remaining in the catalyzed reaction is generally less than that in the established baseline due to faster rate in the decomposition. In the data of Group 1, the amount of KmnO4 (propor tional to the remaining amount of H2O2) is 4. 4mL, 4. 2mL, 3. 9mL, 4. 2mL, and 3. 9mL over different time intervals.They are less than or equal to the baseline of 4. 4mL. Part 2D ?The rate of catalytic reaction changes over time the rate is constant in the beginning and gradually decreases towards the end, leveling off into a curve from a line. This is best illustrated in the best fit line of Group 2 data in Graph B1. ?The rate is highest when the reaction begins and becomes lower as time passes. The slope of the linear portion of all graphs in the data is greater than the slope of the gradually curving graph with increase time interval.