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Organizational behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Organizational behavior - Essay ExampleThis gives the individual participators a sense of personal achievement (Heller, 1999). In addition, competent persons who can perform irrespective of absence of effective leadership can reach higher heights if there is effective leadership to guide and strike them. Bright ideas, best interest, and sound business knowledge are key ingredients to a successful business, but these are not enough. useful leadership is needful to bring people together with an aim to achieve common goals of the organization (, 2014).Effective leadership is inevitable for making things happen in the consistently changing market dynamics. An organization must invest in effective leadership in order to remain relevant in a business milieu with ever changing competition, profile of people joining the organization, legal, political, and social-cultural environment (Stanfielf, 2009). In addition, organizations face ch all in allenges that are spe cific to them. Strategies need to be developed to deal with these challenges. Effective leadership is fundamental in the formulation of appropriate strategies and implementation of these strategies to propel organizations in the right direction. If there are two teams of equal competence, but unmatchable team lacks effective leadership, the team with effective leadership will certainly win over the team that lacks effective leadership (Adair, 1983).Effective leadership at all levels of an organization increases the chances of survival of an organization. It also enables to sustain the growth of the organization and realization of organizations full capacity (Fenimore and Nirenberg, 2004)Effective leadership is characterized with empowerment of employees by dint of inclusion in decision-making, enhanced communication and consideration of individual needs and rights of the employees. The subsequent effect of effective leadership is enhanced employees commitment to the

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Auditors' liability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Auditors liability - Essay ExampleScandals such as those of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), Barlow Clowes, Atlantic Computers, Coloroll, Ferranti, Homes Assured, Levitt, Queens Moat Houses, repair Hotels, Eagle Trust, London United Investments, Maxwell and Polly Peck have resulted in loss of jobs, savings, investments, pensions and taxation revenues. (Mitchell et al, 1991)The audit of a companys financial statement poses a veritable degree of risk for the auditors and the company. The auditors have to objectively audit a company that reflects a true picture of the company. Since the managers depend on the audit to help them recognize the current scenario of the company to take future decisions, and investors use the audit to help them take investing decisions, the correctness of the audit carries high stakes for all. (Defintions)Until recently, auditors had unlimited liability towards the public incase of disregard, breach of contr practice or fraud. Due to this very law, there have been cases in the past that have wiped the company clean cod to gigantic compensations. Following the collapse of a company, third parties would often attempt to recover their losses from a solvent and insured auditor.Faced with such claims, the popular and civil law courts had to struggle between two conflicting interests the publics interest in the independent and competent review of financial statements and the interest of the auditing job in carrying out its function without the burden of a potentially overwhelming liability. (Khoury, 2001)The scandal of Enron and its audit company, Arthur Anderson, were the victims of improper auditing and impedance to justice. There were once the Big 8 auditing companies which now have been left-hand(a) with the Big 4 after a series of mergers. All over the world, these four companies control about 85% of the total audits. (Lawrence, 2006)Auditor liability has been an increasing concern for the auditing profession for a considerable number of years. Such large liabilities are unfair and unjust to auditors. Consequently, a number of jurisdictions in recent years have introduced measures aimed at reforming their auditor liability regimes. However with the communities becoming increasingly litigious, one wonders when the Big 4 would be left with the Big 3. (Lawrence, 2006)Duty of Care OwedA duty of bearing is an obligation to offer a certain level of care to others depending on different circumstances to avoid injury to that individual or his property. Basically the relationship of the parties, the negligent act or omission is prevented by fore-sighting any loss to that individual. An auditor is expected to be able to foresee such acts and respond accordingly. In cases of unintentional negligence which results in losses, such an act will be regarded as having breached a duty of care and at this a time a duty of care is owed. (Solicitors, 2002) (Definitions)The English Law for duty of care was formed in the Scottish case of Donoghue v Stevenson 1932 SC (HL) 31. The general principles for duty of care to be owed include the presence of three points (Solicitors, 2002)1. Does a duty of care exist The existence of duty of care depends on the type of relationship between the parties. An auditor of a company has a duty towards the

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The relationship between internal and external customer service Essay - 1

The relationship between internal and external client service - Essay ExampleTherefore, the lore of the important relationship between internal and external customer service is increasing. More and more firms and international companies have publicly asserted that their business achievement is a result of their strong relationships with their employees. Thus, it is already widely accepted that internal customer service quality leads to both internal and internal customer pleasure (Minjoon & Shaohan 2010). On the other hand, claims of the companies that their success is a result of internal relationships with employees often are not taken seriously by different stakeholders (Herington, Johnson, and Scott, 2006).The aim of this question is to provide a more detailed analysis of customer service excellence and to evaluate critically the role played by internal customer service in the delivery of external customer service excellence.Customer service increasingly becomes a priority it em in agenda of some organizations. It is widely recognized that customer service is a great opportunity for gaining competitive advantage for any type of business. Customer service enables the organization to promote customers especially in todays highly competitive and globalized market (Cook, 2008). Customer service quality is a widely known driver of a companys profit. The more satisfied the customers are, the more benefits the company gains. In addition to improved profitability, customer-centred organizations enjoy the following benefits differentiation from competitors increased customer rejoicing and retention improved image in the customers eyes minimized price sensitivity enhanced reputation improved staff esprit de corps reduced costs increased productivity good internal customer/supplier relationships encourage participation among employees continuous improvements to the companys operations (Cook, 2008).That is why many organizations have recognized this opportunity a nd focused their

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Personal Privacy Vs. National Security Research Paper

Personal Privacy Vs. National Security - Research Paper ExampleBecause of this precise reason different opinions have been formed regarding the methods which should be adopted to avert terrorist act. Moreover it is seen that the roots of terrorism extend up to the general population and thus important measures are needed to root it out. Policies of counter terrorism are formed all(a) over the world through which the governmental agencies aim to take hold information about individuals who are believed to be linked with the acts of terrorism. As the world has advanced it is seen that technology has had a great influence on these counter terrorism policies. The situation however gets complex when the question of intruding in the lives of people arises. The governmental bodies have been entitled by many a(prenominal) governments to intrude the privacy of all the individuals who are considered to be linked with a certain act of terrorism. Privacy is one of the most fundamental fulls laid down in almost every constitution formed by the countries. It is the duty of the governments to ensure that the citizens are getting this right regardless of the ethnicity, race, sex or religion of the concerned individual. It is this topic that has presumption rise to a debate between the government officials and the people who are concerned with privacy. While the government may be able to stop matter threats, its not worth our personal privacy being violated and invaded like airport security groping young children, our personal information no longer being private and unnecessary video monitoring and surveillance. In 1787 Alexander Hamilton wrote that to be safer, nations at length will become willing to point the risk of being less free. This statement clearly means that national security threats at one time will be averted at any cost even if it harms the basic democratic rights of the citizens. With time it has been noticed that the statement was quite right as privacy has been denied to many individuals regardless of their tie beam with any terrorist group. Previously privacy was considered as a privilege by the citizens which they could enjoy at any given cost however things have changed in the days today as the government is the sole authority which decides about the rights of individuals. In order to analyze a person the governmental bodies are utilise different methods through which their private data is being maintained. This data is then being used to identify the patterns or acts of the individuals and this whole process is known as data mining. If not legal, it is the moral responsibility of the government to maintain the privacy of all of its citizens, this being one of their basic rights. In some instances it is seen that the government does not apply limitations when they have to reach out to certain people. These acts include the new airport checking system which is harming the privacy of the individuals entering in different count ries (U.S & Minow 2004). The rights of individuals to privacy has many benefits in itself. It protects the individuals from discrimination which may be done on the basis of the information that the authorities receive from them. And hence it can be said that the right to privacy can eliminate the social divide which may be created otherwise. Privacy of individuals

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Right to Rule Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Right to Rule - Essay ExampleHowever, though the Supreme Court allowed itself to be bullied into submission, the expanse now has the chance to right the wrong committed four years ago and reinstate Estrada as president. Many things stand in favor of this. Therefore, though Chief Justice Davide and GMA stole the presidency from Erap and the Filipino people, now there is a chance that this injustice might be reversed.The truth regarding the conduct of occasion president Estrada has never really been seek by the Philippine Supreme Court. Over the past four years and with little success, Estradas lawyer has repeatedly sought an audience with the justices of that court, arguing that his client had not certain a fair audition. According to the constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, attorneys are allowed to call into question judgments made by the Supreme Court, provided the attorney act respectfully, in accordance with the law, and also provided that the faith of the people in the discriminatory system is not harmed. The law has made margin for the fallibility of the Supreme Court and agrees to hear any respectful and warranted complaint brought against it. The truth of this was, however, not evident in the Courts handling of the appeals made by attorney Alan F. Paguia in defense of prexy Estrada. Rather, he has been accused of seeking to breathe life into the carcass of a long-dead issue (CITATION). These and other similar accusations were made after Paguia, upon firing before the Sandiganbayan, requested the following First, that President Estrada be given the opportunity to vindicate himself and prove that he was not allowed to have a fair trial and second, that Panganiban and several of the other key players in the prosecutions case be issued a subpoena to provide documents that prove their support of the edict that proclaimed Vice President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as the new president of the Republic of the Philippines. However, this motion wa s denied and Paguia declared by the court to be belligerent and seeking to incite public mistrust of the judicial system. His behavior was described as an obstinate display of defiance (CITATION). Furthermore, it was said that in liberally imputing sinister and devious motives and questioning the impartiality, integrity, and authority of the members of the Court, Atty. Paguia has only succeeded in seeking to impede, obstruct, and pervert the dispensation of justice (CITATION). Consequently, his license to practice law was indefinitely suspended by the Sandiganbayan. To allow himself to be barred from his profession, it would appear that Paguia, in devising those appeals in the behalf of President Estrada, was acting upon a principle. In fact, he appears to have been morally obliged to assert these claims because of the manner in which the original case was handled. The components of the four-pronged charges in the case against President Erap are all monetary in nature. They consist of funds received from illegal gambling (jueteng), funds from the tobacco excise tax, commissions received from Bell Corporation, and owning an account in the name of Jose Velarde. These allegations

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2-1-2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

2-1-2 - Assignment ExamplePrior to recession that started in 2008, preservation of Lithuania was found to be growing at the reckon of 8%. In 2004 the country joined in European Union. It has also joined World craftiness Organization. Most of the trades take place with Russia and other neighbors that are located in Eastern Europe. The process of turning old traditional Lithuanian sparing into a market economy is nigh complete. Most of the state owned organizations have been made private.The recent global recession that started from mid of 2008, has greatly affected the economy of the country. In 2007 Lithuanias real GDP was growing at the rate of almost 8%, solely in 2008 the figure came down to 3%. In 2009 the countrys GDP shrank at the rate of 16.8%. Such negative harvest-tide is mainly due to the global financial meltdown that has affected almost all the developed and developing economies in the world. In 2008 Lithuanias GDP per capita was $18,000 and in 2009 the figure reduc ed to $15,000 per capita. According to the prediction of Bloomberg, Lithuanian economy world power have positive growth in 2010. It is also predicted that in 2011 the economy might grow at the rate of 4% (Hbemgi, December 23, 2009).In 2008, unemployment rate was almost 5.84%, but in 2009 it increased to 15%. Inflation rate has decreased from the past. In 2008 inflation rate in the country was 10.9% and in the attached year it was around 4.7% (Central Intelligence Agency, n.d.).Lithuanias economy was in growth track prior to the recession period. In 2007 GDP growth rate was 8.9%, but in the next year this rate was 3% and 2009 Lithuanias economy was having negative growth rate. It is predicted that in 2010 economy will return on growth track. In 2011 economy is expected to grow at the rate of 3-4%. In 2008 discount rate offered by central bank was 4.73% which is almost unchanged from the previous year when the rate was 4.82%.Hbemgi, T. December 23, 2009, SEB Lithuanian economy to ex pand 4% in 2011, Baltic

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Persuasive Speech about Immigrants in the US Essay

Persuasive Speech about Immigrants in the US - Essay ExampleImagine the young boy that was serve away while trying to cross the sea so that he could run away from these killers. This young boy could be a brother, a news or even a grandchild to us. No superstar will ever know the destiny of this child maybe he could be the one to inspection and repair the world get a cancer drug or even be the one to tackle climate change. (Sellnow, 2014)Why should we then choose to ignore our foundations and our flavour that we are the trendsetters of this world and stand for the truth of this world? The issue we should be addressing my dear people is how to help them once they get in this country and whether they exigency to be allowed to come here. The immigrants would want peace, and they cannot get it in their country. Yes, the challenges are many what if the killers come in for this reason that they are refugees also. We do have one of the most sophisticated intelligence that can smoke an y criminal from any corner of this world. (Sellnow, 2014)We will put them in charge of vetting each refugee and having them condense enough time will enable us to get the best that we can and will also not compromise our homeland security.We need to figure that as we live here a man can be good or bad, and this does not depend on whether he is rich, poor, black, white but the ideals the man decides to live.In our 21century, we are the ones to ensure that human rights are not just a favor to the rich but are administered to any person heedless of their background and culture. (Sellnow, 2014)